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UEFA opens lawsuit against big clubs according to Super League plans – VG

HARD WEATHER: Cristiano Ronaldo was not allowed to start the decisive match in Serie A last time. Now his club can be punished for the plans for the Super League. Photo: ALBERTO LINGRIA / X04139

The European Football Association (UEFA) may punish Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Juventus for their role in the Super League project.


Updated less than 40 minutes ago

The three clubs are the only ones of the 12 original clubs that have not formally withdrawn from the agreement. The other nine signed an agreement with UEFA earlier this month.

In a statement writes UEFA that disciplinary proceedings have been opened against the three clubs “for a potential breach of UEFA’s legal framework”.

It is not yet known what the punishment will mean.

At the end of April, FIFA President Gianni Infantino was determined towards the Super League project where 12 of the biggest football clubs in the world wanted to start their own breakaway league.

– It is my and our task to protect the European sports model, club competitions, national teams. If they choose to go their own way, they will have to live with their choice. They are either inside or outside. They can not be halfway in and halfway out, Infantino told several media outlets, including the BBC.

– We can only strongly reject the Super League as a “closed shop”, which breaks with today’s institutions. There is no doubt about FIFA’s dissatisfaction. We give full support to UEFA, he added.

The plans for the Super League went quickly in the sink. It did not take more than 48 hours before most of the teams had withdrawn after large protests among both fans, players and politicians.

Several of the clubs have apologized in retrospect. The six English big clubs Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham withdrew. Milan, Inter and Atlético Madrid did the same.

The Super League proposal led, among other things, to violent protests against the club owners from Manchester United fans. Before the league match against Liverpool in early May, fans took to Old Trafford:

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