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The U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) will violently raise interest rates in 2022, aiming at the end of the rate hike. In addition to grabbing the year-end bonuses, red envelopes and other capital markets during the Chinese New Year, the Bank of China has offered high-interest foreign currency time deposits. Among them, the annual interest rate of the US dollar The highest shout is 5.06%. However, the terms of the fixed deposit period of each bank, or the conditions of new and old customers are very different, and investors should understand it in many ways.

KGI Bank Wealth Management Senior Associate Zhang Guanxiong pointed out that this year (2023) the global economic downturn should be inevitable, and the financial market will still experience corrections in the first half of the year, when the demand for hedging will be promoted againdollar indexWith the rising market, it is suggested that the public can take advantage of the situation to allocate funds in low-risk fixed deposit products to create stable income, and the high-yield fixed deposit with diversified channels is relatively favored by the public.

In response to market changes and in conjunction with the New Year season, KGI Bank launched a limited-time and limited-time US dollar discount fixed deposit activity. The activity period will end on February 24, 2023. The fixed deposit interest rate is as high as 4.8%, allowing customers to double their wealth in the Spring of the Year of the Rabbit! The minimum commitment amount for a single transaction is US$10,000, and the commitment with new funds can enjoy 4.5% for a three-month period, and 4.6% for a one-year period. The maximum annual interest rate can reach 4.8%.

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In addition, in response to the increasing public demand for foreign currency exchange and foreign exchange for travel abroad, KGI Bank also launched the online bank’s exchange and premium deposit plan. Anyone who uses the designated area of ​​the online bank for exchange and premium deposit activities can convert funds into US dollars and at the same time For fixed deposit, you can enjoy the preferential interest rate of 7% annual interest for 7-day fixed deposit and 4.5% annual interest for 1-month fixed deposit.RMBAustralian dollarnew zealandandCanadian DollarsYou can choose from 5 other currencies, and you can also obtain additional interest income while increasing your foreign currency holdings.

From now until February 4th of this year, China CITIC Bank will launch the “Uritu U” foreign currency fixed deposit activity, exchange and transfer foreign currency fixed deposits, the minimum original currency 1,000 can be accepted, and the 14-day period is over 10,000 US dollars. The highest interest rate is 5.06%. In addition to providing US dollars, this project also introduces otherRMBAustralian dollarcanadian dollarto meet the needs of customers to allocate part of their funds in foreign currencies.

Beifuyin provides USD Unilateral Time Deposit with 3-month annual interest rate of 4.88%, 6-month annual interest rate of 4.78%, and 12-month annual interest rate of 4.68%. Unisys” area withNew Taiwan dollarFor currency exchange, if you choose to handle it at the counter of the branch, it is limited to new funds remitted from other financial institutions.

North Fuyin said that since the global economic situation in 2022 will be affected by high inflation, more careful judgment and layout are needed in terms of investment. Utilize the benefits offered by the bank on Unisex fixed deposit and digital account deposits to strengthen savings and stabilize the foundation. When good investment opportunities arise, the silver bullet will turn defense into offense and accumulate assets flexibly.

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In response to the increasing demand of Chinese people for using digital accounts, Beifuyin’s “Nano Savings” digital account also provides deposit discounts. From now until the end of June 2023, newly opened “Nano Savings” digital accounts can enjoy 180 days of annual 2% interest Taiwan dollarUsury live savings, preferential limitNew Taiwan dollar 100,000 yuan, and USD 10,000 for 180 days within 100,000 US dollars can also enjoy the 3-month fixed deposit license interest rate discount (the license interest rate on January 10 is 3.1%), and the part that exceeds the preferential limit is applicable The advertised interest rate.

To (2022) yearUS dollarsA total of 17 yards were raised,Taiwan dollarU.S. interest rate spreads are gradually widening. In order to enable customers to take advantage of the wave of U.S. interest rate hikes, Heku launched the “Caitu Linmen Heliwang” foreign currency Youli fixed deposit project. The activity period is from January 18 to February 14, 2012.New Taiwan dollarPurchases or new funds remitted from other banks, no matter through the counter or mobile online banking APP, personal online banking, corporate online banking, EOI and other channels to make fixed deposits, as long as the single transaction reaches USD 5,000, you can enjoy a one-month period The annual interest rate is 4.10%, and the preferential interest rate is 4.20% for the three-month period; and the old funds can also enjoy the preferential interest rate of 4.00% for the one-month period, and 4.10% for the three-month period.

Cathay United Bank is offering a “Foreign Currency Monthly Exchange” discount discount. From now until the end of June this year, holders of a valid foreign currency account with the bank can complete any transaction on the CUBE App during the specified period of the event. Traders, from the 7th of the next month to the end of the next month, can enjoy a discount on the exchange rate for a single exchange of Taiwan dollars to designated currencies on the Cathay United CUBE App, US dollars – 3.8 cents andYen – 0.15 points each once, but the discount of the current month must be used before the end of the month.

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