Tymoshchuk and Rakitsky

Well-known journalist Nikolai Nesenyuk on his page on the social network Facebook spoke on the topic of betrayal using the example of Anatoly Tymoshchuk.

Mykola Nesenyuk

I don’t know why, but I always didn’t really trust people who at a certain moment showed special zeal in the public space. It started back in school – we tried not to invite those of us who were activists in pioneer and Komsomol organizations into friendly companies. Although, as I now understand, there were enough “informers” in those of our companies even without the leaders of school pioneers and Komsomol members. It wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad – there’s just a type of people who are trying to be the first to support something that they can then get some benefit from for themselves.

Therefore, I was not very surprised to see among the “national patriots” of the early nineties of the last century a bunch of former chairmen of communist and Komsomol organizations who raised blue-yellow flags and portraits of Shevchenko with the same zeal as they had raised red flags and portraits a year before Lenin. No wonder: life has changed – activists have changed! I only knew that I couldn’t trust them. Because a person with principles, with a position in life, no matter what he is, cannot turn in the opposite direction in such a short time. More precisely, it can, but this reversal will be just as insincere and deceptive as the previous one.

Football is a mirror of life, which I never tire of reminding. Let’s remember Tolik Tymoshchuk, who was the first of our football players to wrap himself in the national flag, draw it almost on his forehead, and even braid blue and yellow ribbons into his braids, and also sang “It’s not dead yet…” the loudest of all.

Let us now remember Yarik Rakitsky, who was the complete opposite of Tymoshchuk – he never sang the national anthem and during its public performance he kept his hand not on his heart, but on his liver. Now we know which of them was then sincere to everyone and to himself, and which was a clever opportunist. After all, if Rakitsky had behaved like Tymoshchuk, he would not have been himself – a simple kid from a Russian-speaking region who played football well and was not nationally conscious in the sense that was familiar to us then.

When it was no longer enough to just sing the anthem to be conscious, Rakitsky made his choice in favor of Ukraine, without really advertising it. Well, Tymoshchuk became the vile traitor that, as is now clear, he always was. Now he has chosen a different flag and is lying with inspiration not to us, but to our enemies.

So we are all now, willingly or unwillingly, divided into the Tymoshchuks and the Rakitskys. Some are ready to be the first to sing the anthem and run as “volunteers”, as if not realizing that they could go to war. And some people don’t sing this anthem at all, but when necessary they make the right choice!

Mykola Nesenyuk

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2023-12-04 07:28:00

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