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Two-starred Belgian chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre launches his 3 OSAN flavored waters

Available like wines, they are 100% natural: alcohol-free, coloring-free, preservative-free and refined sugar-free but not tasteless.

At Air du Temps, his two-star restaurant located in Liernu, chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre was already offering splendidly flavored waters on the menu with plants straight from his giant vegetable garden.

After years of research and multiple tests, he took the plunge by marketing the fruit of three macerations. It is divided into 3 taste families which correspond to the three traditional families of wine: like a rosé, like a red, like a white.

Like wines (at least the real ones…), the taste varies from year to year depending on the harvest. For this 2022 vintage, the three couples are verbena-turmeric (powerful and long in the mouth), beetroot-blackberry (juicy and expressive) and shiso-basil (the delicacy).

Even if it falls rather well in this month without alcohol, the appearance of OSAN corresponds above all to a new way of consuming. The Belgian, even more the younger generation, has decided to take his alcohol consumption into his own hands. Either by stopping it radically or by adopting new habits by turning to non-alcoholic drinks.

Chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre follows this line. The one that wants to offer consumers a real alternative to alcohol but focusing on taste (which water does not offer…).

Other specificities that make it a product really apart: no alcohol, 100% natural, from Belgian soil, no coloring, no preservative and no refined sugar. This drink is just waiting to be tasted and adopted.

The three 2022 varieties are:

OSAN VC which combines citrus notes of verbena with spicy notes of turmeric.

“White” that goes well with starters, fish, seafood, cheese,…

ORANGE SB which combines the acidity of shiso with the flavors of basil.

“Rosé” that goes well with salads, charcuterie, grilled fish as an aperitif,…

OSAN BM which marries the depth of the batterave with a juicy blackberry.

A “red” that goes well with grilled meats, mushrooms, avocados,…

OSAN is available in restaurants, at certain wine merchants, in delicatessens and via the e-shop.

Price: 12.5 euros for a 75 cl bottle.


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