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Two gold blocks worth Rp3.7 billion were found in Australia


Brent Shannon and Ethan West find nuggets of gold while covered on the Aussie Gold Hunters TV show.

Two nuggets of gold valued at about A $ 350,000 (Rp3.7 billion) were found by two miners in southern Australia.

Brent Shannon and Ethan West found the stones near the gold mining town of Tarnagulla in the state of Victoria.

Their findings were featured on the Aussie Gold Hunters television show, which airs on Thursday.

The two men excavated the ground and used metal detectors to detect gold in the area.

“This is definitely one of the most significant discoveries,” said Ethan West, as quoted by CNN. “To be able to get two large nuggets in one day is incredible.”

They find nuggets of gold or nugget, with a total weight of 3.5kg, in a few hours with the help of West’s father, according to the Discovery Channel which aired the television show.


The total weight of the two chunks is 3.5 kg.

The television program, also broadcast in Britain, follows a team of gold prospectors digging in a goldfield in a remote part of Australia.

“I think we are lucky,” Shannon told Australian TV show Sunrise. “[Emas] it was on virgin land, meaning it had not been touched and had not been mined. “

West said that during his four years of mining for gold, he may have collected “maybe thousands” of pieces.

Discovery Channel also says collectors can pay up to 30% more for nugget of their estimated value.

In 2019, an Australian man found a 1.4kg nugget worth of approximately A $ 100,000 (Rp1.6 billion) using a metal detector.

Gold mining in Australia began in the 1850s, and is still an important industry in the country.

The town of Tarnagulla itself was founded during the Victorian Gold Rush and became very wealthy during a period of time when gold hunters moved there to test their luck. according to local website.

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