Twitter shares smear up to 10 percent – Trump’s lock pissed off investors

The share temporarily loses 10 percent: Twitter blocks Trump – and thus pisses off investors

After the storm on the US Capitol, the short message service Twitter blocked the account of US President Donald Trump – the stock exchanges are not happy. On Monday, the share smeared significantly and at times lost more than ten percent of its value.

The storm of Trump supporters on the Capitol last week has had significant consequences for the incumbent US president on social networks.

In addition to Facebook and Instagram, Friday also has Twitter blocked the profile of Donald Trump – Trump’s preferred channel. On the profile “@realdonaldtrump”, there is only the succinct message that this account has been blocked. Twitter justified the blocking with the fact that “a risk of further incitement to violence” is suspected.

Trump loses a big stage. Even before his term in office, Trump was notorious for his regular tirades there. In a week he tweeted sometimes several hundred times, most recently he had over 88 million followers on Twitter.

Twitter shares smeared after Trump was expelled

Traders assume that blocking one of the biggest profiles will have a negative impact on tech stock performance. In fact, investors acknowledged Trump’s expulsion with a sale on Monday. Most recently, the share fell in US trading by 7.56 percent, in the meantime the paper had slumped by more than ten percent.

This means that the share is only worth around 48 dollars, which is a minus of over twelve percent for the still young stock market year. Over the next twelve months, however, the share is still up 44.08 percent.

Analysts at the financial advisor Bernstein stated that “a slight decrease in users” is now to be expected. This is reported by the “Spiegel“. Twitter could also face higher costs in the future if content is moderated more strongly. In contrast to Facebook, Twitter currently has only a few employees employed for this purpose.

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