Twitter fires employee who publicly criticized Elon Musk

An image of new Twitter owner Elon Musk is surrounded by Twitter logos in this photo illustration in Warsaw, Poland on November 8, 2022. (Photo by STR/NurPhoto)

At least three escaped The recent Twitter cleanupemployees who were later fired for slamming the new boss on the platform. One of them was Eric Frohnhoefer, who pointed out the boss’s mistake under Musk’s tweet apologizing for Twitter’s slow upload speed in multiple countries. “1,000+ RPCs poorly bundled just to load home history app,” Musk tweeted. by FrohnhoeferAnswer“As an employee who has been developing Twitter for Android for six years,” he thought Musk’s claims were “wrong.”

after Moss So I asked him what the normal number should be and what Frohnhoefer did to fix the “super slow” app. Frohnhoefer then lays out what his team has done and mentions a few reasons it might affect speed. “First, it’s bloated with features that get very little use; second, we’ve gotten a lot of technology debt over the years because we’ve sacrificed speed and features for performance; and third, we’ve spent a lot of time wait for network response,” Frohnhoefer wrote.

The two exchanged several public tweets, and when one user reminded Frohnhoefer that he should have disagreed with his boss privately, Frohnhoefer’sAnswerIt was, “Maybe you should ask these questions privately, using Slack or email or something.” Not long after, Musk announced on Twitter that Frohnhoefer had been fired. He later accepted Forbes In an interview, Frohnhoefer said he hadn’t received any communication about his firing and that his laptop had “just turned off.” “Nobody trusts the people in the company anymore,” says Frohnhoefer, who also sees this as one of the main reasons Twitter isn’t working right now. “Before Musk took over, people were more open and felt they could criticize, which is clearly not the case now,” Frohnhoefer said.

alsoBloombergHe also confirmed that another engineer, Ben Leib, who commented under the same apology tweet, was also fired. As the “technical lead for Twitter’s timeline infrastructure,” Leib says his new boss has no idea what he’s talking about. Another technician, Sasha Solomon, also replied to the tweet, after which she too received a notice of dismissal.

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