TV contract brings Premier League record revenue

The Premier League has agreed a new TV deal that will give clubs a record fee. According to league information on Monday, a total of 6.7 billion pounds (7.79 billion euros) will flow into the coffers of the 20 Premier League clubs, or around 1, for the allocation of media rights in the 2025/26 up to and including 2028/29 seasons .95 billion euros per season.

It is the highest-paying TV contract ever concluded in Europe. The Premier League had previously earned around 1.83 billion euros per season. As contractual partners, Sky Sports, TNT Sports and the publicly free-to-air BBC Sport made the new record amount possible with different rights models.

Premier League boss Richard Masters said in a statement that the result underlined the strength of the Premier League. It is proof that the best football in the world continues to be played there in full stadiums.

2023-12-04 22:00:08
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