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Turkey – Dogan Bekin: “Voters will punish the government at the polls” – 2024-04-03 03:10:39

“New Welfare Party – Fatih Erbakan: Will the fate of the elections be decided by the son of Erdogan’s teacher? asks the independent Turkish news website Medium, about a party that is “stealing” critical units from the AKP and may contribute to the loss of the ruling party’s stronghold municipalities by fielding candidates from its former associates Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“In today’s election, the New Prosperity Party will reach 20%. It will have huge popular support and the greatest momentum compared to the other parties” he argues speaking to “Step» the deputy chairman of the party and responsible for external relations, Dogan Beckinconsidering it “certain” that he will elect “at least 100 mayors”.

Already the fact that the party has acquired in a short period of time “about 500,000 members, increasing them by 85%, is an indicator of the dynamics it has developed, even though it is only five years since its establishment. And it’s just the beginning,” he adds.

He attributes the leaks of the ruling AKP to the New Prosperity Party, which until last year’s presidential elections was an ally of the AKP, “to the weakness and incapacity of its executives to solve the economic problems. Because the AKP did not adhere to the protocol of the electoral alliance, which it signed before the elections on May 14, 2023, there was economic turmoil in the country. People are fed up with taxes and are turning to us. As Erbakan said, 85% are poor and 45% live below the poverty line. One million households received social assistance in 2022, while 4.5 million households need it today. All 16 million pensioners cannot live. Citizens are desperate and outraged. They will punish the government at the polls.”

Fatih Erbakan, the son of Erdoğan’s “mentor”, is not only attracting votes because of reaction but also because “he has the answers to the big problems, as he is the son of Necmetin Erbakan who was the vice president and prime minister. He has vast knowledge of the political situation in the country. Within five years he acquired a central position in political life. Day by day we become stronger. And in 2028, Fatih Erbakan will be the president of Turkey” argues our interlocutor who believes that the Turkish president is in a panic.

“During the election campaign, the AKP targeted our party every day. He fought fiercely not to field a candidate in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir so that he would not lose these municipalities. He did not make it. In Urfa, where we are very strong, he was forced to hold two pre-election rallies. Our president said it: AKP members want to fight us. If they want a fight, there will be a fight. But we, unlike the government, treat the millions of Turkish citizens equally. That’s why they will honor us with their vote.”

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