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Tunisian newspaper: Al-Ahly deprived ES Sahel and Sfaxien of African championships

Tunisian reports revealed the intention of Al-Ahly Club to take an escalatory stance to obtain its financial dues with both the coastal and Sfaxian stars, or to deny them participation in African competitions.. The Tunisian website “Foot 24” said that the Al-Ahly club intentionally resorting to the Confederation of African Football “enough” to ask that they not be granted African participation in a way that prevents them from competing in any of the African Champions League or the African Confederation Cup..

The site added that the escalatory step came in order to pay the coastal star and Sfaxian the entitlements of Al-Ahly, considering that the club of the capital of the south did not return 105 thousand dollars out of a total of 130 thousand dollars it obtained without a legal obligation in the Junior Ajay deal for Al-Ahly player, while the coastal star has contracted with Ivorian striker Suleiman Coulibaly signed a pledge to pay dues towards Al-Ahly worth $ 1.4 million, but he was unable to pay the first installment of $ 200,000, although the contract with the player was almost a year old..

The Tunisian website indicated that the required amount from the Sfaxian Club is within reach, but the coastal star will be required to pay a huge amount so that he can return to the African Championship next season..

The past months have witnessed contacts between Al-Ahly and the coastal star, which included Soleimani Coulibaly, to pay the amount of one million and 400 thousand dollars, and Al-Ahly signed a three-way contract with the coastal star and the Ivorian player to pay the Tunisian club 200 thousand dollars “as an advance” and then paid one million and 200 thousand dollars in three sections with 400 One thousand dollars in each installment and Al-Ahly waited to pay the coastal star 200 thousand dollars for several months, but this did not happen, so Al-Ahly decided to escalate to FIFA and refused friendly solutions, especially since the coastal star officials did not abide by the agreements and contracts that were signed with Al-Ahly, especially since he tried before with the player Pay the fine, but he did not commit himself, so what was from the Al-Ahly Council headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, except for resorting to FIFA to collect the amount of one million and 400 thousand dollars from the coastal star.

Al-Ahly decided to escalate its crisis with Sfaxien For FIFA, after the Tunisian club failed to pay the sum of 125 thousand dollars, the previous Al-Ahly board, headed by Mahmoud Taher, mistakenly transferred this amount to Sfaxian, representing the sponsorship of Nigerian Junior Ajay player of Al-Ahly, and it was decided to transfer this amount to the Nigerian club, and Al-Ahly also tried to collect this The amount is in friendly ways from Sfaxien, and the latter transferred only 25 thousand and inaction and remained stalling for a long time in transferring 100 thousand dollars, so the Khatib Council decided to escalate the matter to the International Football Association to restore the rights of the Red Fort.

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