Tuesday still over 30 degrees, now for the first time frost on the ground

Weerplaza calls it no exception that the first frost is measured at this time of the year. In mid-September 2012, almost 5 degrees of frost was measured on the ground.

It was just last Tuesday incredibly warm in our country. In Gilze-Rijen, the thermometer reached 35.1 degrees, almost one degree higher than the old record in September, from 1929.


Weeronline adds that on average on September 12 the mercury drops below zero for the first time. The earliest date on which this ever happened was August 22, 1973, when in Twente even -2.2 degrees was reached. In 2014, the first frost was a record low: it did not become -0.6 degrees in Eindhoven until 5 November.

The last time it was freezing this year was May 29. Then it was freezing hardest in Eelde, with more than 5 degrees.

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