Tudor: “A penalty given to Genoa, it drives me crazy. Amazing Simeone “

The Verona coach: “Dawidowicz couldn’t cut his arm. I’m angry but also relieved”

Igor Tudor comments to Dazn’s microphones about Verona’s 3-3 on the Genoa field. These are the statements of the Croatian coach.

“I am angry and relieved at the same time. I am happy for the boys, we could not even get a point. This is football, instead of ending 3-0 it ends like this. We had two carelessness and a gift from the referee who reopened the game. game. A gift, I don’t know how to explain it otherwise. Should he cut his arm? He runs and hits her with the arm. The game was over. Last year there were these controversies, I as a former player go crazy, and not only for this penalty, in general. That’s how football is, let’s look ahead. These are details that change games and leagues, we have to grow and the referees have to talk more with the former players. We played three games in six days, crazy with two trips in three days I congratulate the boys, physically there is to grow and we will exploit this week.

How are the energies going? To play this type of football, going to man for ninety minutes, you have to stay at your maximum strength, otherwise you suffer. If you add the three games into six days, you get to today’s game with great difficulty. Simeone? I think he is amazing, even as a boy he is an exemplary professional. He can get close to twenty goals. I’m happy to have Kalinic, Lasagna, Caprari, it’s up to them to put me in difficulty “.


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