Trump’s last statement “The best is yet to come”

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“Trump” likened himself to a construction worker who came to build and develop the country from an outsider’s perspective. By fighting everything for the good of the American people With the conclusion that “The best is yet to come”

On 20 Jan 2021, the BBC news agency reported that “Donald Trump” The final statement as the president of the United States is via video. Summary of my work for the past 4 years before “Joe Biden” Will be sworn in as the new US President today (20 Jan).

Trump said four years ago he was the first “outsider” in US history to win an election. Inaugurated as president despite never being a politician, just a “builder” trying to recruit opportunities all the time. He ran for president because there are many “buildings” in America that want to develop. And know that the nation can develop without limits As long as the “America” ​​is the first priority

In addition, Trump said it had come in and out of what to do. Success in many fields And fought for many things because it was the reason the people chose him as president in the first place. He admires himself that the government has created the greatest economy in the history of the world. And the government could develop two vaccines against COVID-19 in just nine months, while other governments could take three, four, five, or up to 10 years.

Trump did not, however, mention Biden. And did not continue to say the congratulatory name By simply saying that I wish the successive government good luck Ready to conclude that “The best is yet to come”

Previously, the House of Representatives voted against it. (impeachment) filed to remove Trump from the presidency Charge of riot In the wake of protesters supporting Trump attacking the US Capitol on Jan. 6, Which, although Trump has expired If the Senate votes that Trump is wrong He might not be able to run for the next US president.

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Biden will be sworn in office with “Camala Harris” that the US Vice President at the US Capitol. But Trump will not attend the two’s inclusion ceremony. This is the first time in 150 years that the previous US president has not attended the inauguration ceremony.

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