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Trump Defeats Haley in South Carolina Primary, Sets Sights on Biden

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2024-02-25 HKT 11:35

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Former U.S. President Trump defeated Haley, who once served as the governor of the state, in the primary election for the Republican presidential nomination in South Carolina.

Trump immediately set his sights on competing with current President Joe Biden in the November election. Trump told cheering supporters that he would look Biden in the eyes, saying that Biden was destroying America and he was fired. Trump added that he had never seen the Republican Party so united.

Haley is the former United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations. She invested a lot of resources in campaigning and canvassing in her home state of South Carolina, hoping to delay Trump’s winning streak on her “home court.” Trump has already won in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and now he’s winning again in South Carolina.

After Haley’s defeat, pressure to withdraw increased. But she said she would continue to run. She said she would not give up the race when most Americans disapproved of Trump and Biden.

Outsiders estimate that in the “Super Tuesday” primaries held early next month in 15 states, Trump can turn his popular poll results over the past year into a lead that may be unsurpassable.

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