Tropico 6 Korean version additional content’Caribbean Sky’ released

Materials provided-H2 Interactive

H2 Interactive (hereinafter referred to as H2 INTERACTIVE, CEO Junha Heo) today (December) is an additional content for the Korean version of the Korean version of’Tropico 6′, a national construction simulation game of Calypso Media. 17) It was officially released through Direct Games and PlayStation Store at a retail price of 14,900 won, and Direct Games announced that a 10% discount promotion will be held until December 24 in commemoration of the release.

‘Caribbean Sky’ is the largest DLC of Tropico 6 and offers a higher level of fun using drones. There is a scenario campaign with five new missions, each with a different playstyle and function, and in the Sky of the Caribbean DLC, players set out on a journey to save the world of Tropico so loved as the great dictator El Presidente. Through the campaign, meet new characters, such as a geek scientist or a new enemy harassing El Presidente.

Tropico’s sky cannot be so bustling. Put your teammates in one place, deliver by air, and bring logistics to a new level. Take advantage of a number of buildings with a variety of functions new to the Sky DLC in the Caribbean Sea, including a cargo airport that will transport cargo across the Tropico Islands.

In addition, using a drone delivery service, a drone delivery route can be specified between two buildings and cargo can be delivered using a new assistant, and Tropico citizens can use a new means of transportation called drone taxis. Maintain the iron fist rule and build the Central Intelligence Agency building and deploy security drones to prevent suspicious conspiracy.

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In addition, a hot air balloon tour carrying tourists is emerging. Set a scenic route so that tourists can feel the beauty of Tropico, and help El Presidente save the world and turn the Caribbean skies into a playground.

Game features

● New Scenario Campaign: Play exclusive scenarios with 5 new missions, each with a different play style. Become El Presidente, meet new characters and save the world.

Drones Appear: Send cargo to remote locations with delivery drones, and provide transportation with drone taxis. It is also possible to control Tropico people with a security drone.

Eight new buildings: drone factories, battery factories, cargo airports, and drone delivery services to make the most of your cargo and drones. Let’s immerse yourself in drones with the people of Tropico with the drone taxi service, central intelligence building, and drone home delivery service. In addition, hot air balloon tours provide new fun for tourists.

Four new policies: performance economy, anonymous qualt, drone economy, drone recycling

●Two new characteristics: drone enthusiasts, qualt leaders

●Three new palace decorations: Refresh the castle with a miniature version of the unidentified speaker. Show off your skills by holding a Tropico flag on a crowd of drones. Let’s use a small fertilizer bomb cannon to let everyone know what modern agricultural technology is like.

●New Outfit: Appeal a gorgeous fashion sense with a gorgeous banana business suit covered with a banana print.

For more information on the additional Korean version of’Tropico 6′,’Caribbean Sky’, official website And Facebook, YouTube, Direct Games, and PlayStation stores.


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