Tribute or a stab at Kylian Mbappé? † Football

In any case, it already caused an indignant reaction from Javier Tebas, president of La Liga in Spain. He called the new contract on Saturday “an insult to football.” Tebas referred to the hundreds of millions of debts that PSG recorded in recent seasons and the enormous wage burden that the club already bears. La Liga has also announced that it will file a complaint against PSG.

And Real icon Karim Benzema? He first posted a photo of the Real logo on Instagram on Saturday evening, followed by a photo of the deceased rapper Tupac Shakur. A homage? Could be, but in Spain they link the French striker’s Instagram story to the decision of compatriot Mbappé. The photo also shows one of the friends who betrayed Tupac in the mid-90s, which ultimately led to the murder of the American rapper.

Karim Benzema's Instagram post

Karim Benzema’s Instagram post

The time of publication has sparked speculation as the Real Madrid player posted the photo online at the same time as it became known that Mbappe will remain at PSG and declined the opportunity to play for Real,” the Spanish sports newspaper writes. Brand about it.

So it’s looking forward to the first meeting between Mbappé and Benzema, when they come together for the French national team for the Nations League. In France, meanwhile, they are enjoying the moment. The Team Spain narrowly missed the mark by boasting a ‘2-0’ on the front page, citing Mbappe’s pick and the Lyon women’s Champions League triumph against Barcelona.

The French sports newspaper also speaks of the “non-transfer of the century.” Meanwhile blame Brand Mbappe lacks class and writes the Madrid newspaper that the attacker will stay with PSG “because Zinedine Zidane will become a trainer.”

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