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Tribune: Krivbass Head Coach Yuriy Vernidub Reflects on Victory over Vorskla in UPL Game

Krivbass head coach Yuriy Vernidub shared his impressions of the victory over Vorskla in the 8th round of the UPL.

— We understood which opponent we were going to visit. Poltava always fights for the highest places, and confirmation is that they played in the Conference League this year.

We knew it wouldn’t be easy and their recent matches show that. Vorskla won three matches in a row, although then they lost to Dynamo. I watched their last matches and liked the opponent.

I am very grateful to my guys. But in the first 15-20 minutes I didn’t understand what was happening. The team made a lot of mistakes. But then, when they already missed it, they reacted to it very quickly. We equalized the score and took the lead. Overall, we had the initiative in the first half. The score is according to the game, although we could have scored even more.

I want to say words of support to Vorskla, they still have everything ahead. Everything will be fine, you need to prepare from game to game and move on.

— Experts note the progress of Krivbass. But there are doubts whether the team will be enough for the entire championship distance. Are Zaderaka and Kozhushko ready to become the new team leaders?

– You know, I will say differently: no matter where I worked – in Ukraine, in Belarus there was a period, in Tiraspol, I never looked at whether I had leaders and I don’t want that. I always want there to be a team, one whole. When leaders appear in a team, a lot of problems begin.

The good news is that now we are achieving results as a team. We collect points, and at the end of the season we will see where we are. Now, thank God, we are preparing further.

There are many difficult matches ahead, a tight schedule. We are just returning, and in two days we are going to Odessa for the Ukrainian Cup. Then a tough game against Rukh in the UPL, and then we’ll see, somewhere we’ll catch our breath and rest, −


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2023-09-24 11:40:00

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