Trevor Jacob: YouTuber Sentenced to Prison for Deliberately Crashing Plane

Trevor JacobTrevor Jacob jumped out of his plane during the flight

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An American YouTuber who deliberately crashed his small plane two years ago has been sentenced to six months in prison. He is punished for destroying the plane wreckage, thereby sabotaging the investigation into the crash.

Trevor Jacob, 30, deliberately crashed his Taylorcraft BL-65 in a California nature reserve in November 2021, according to the prosecutors to generate more views on his YouTube channel. He brought himself to safety with a parachute. Jacob then posted a 13 minute video titled I Crashed My Airplane on his channel, which has about 143,000 subscribers.

The video shows Trevor Jacob jumping out of the plane and later walking to the crash site:

Unfortunately, this YouTube video is no longer available

After the crash, Jacob initially said he would cooperate with the Transportation Safety Authority’s investigation and share the location and videos of the crash, but later said he no longer knew exactly where the plane crashed.

The reason for concealing the crash site was that two weeks after the deliberate accident, he and a friend had picked up the wreckage by helicopter to saw it into pieces and dump it in garbage bins.

Jacob also falsely stated to authorities that the plane crashed due to engine failure and because he could not find a safe landing site.


Earlier this year, the YouTuber pleaded guilty to the American justice system. In his statement, he indicated that he had a deal with a sponsor, whose product he would promote in the video, and that he never intended to complete the flight.

Jacob could have been sentenced to years in prison for obstructing the investigation. Because he cooperated with the law, the sentence was lower. Prosecutors blame his behavior on “exceptionally poor judgment.” “The message here is: if you do something against the law, there are consequences.”

In a statement through his lawyer, Trevor Jacob said the entire experience of the past two years has forced him to be humble. “I have learned more about myself than in my entire life before,” he writes, adding that he wants to use the six months in prison for “personal growth.”

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