Trauma helicopter with bad luck along the A1 | Inland

“The helicopter is indeed broken down along the A1 at the Hakkelaar parking lot,” says ANWB spokesperson Annelies Tichelaar. After the Lifeliner dropped a trauma doctor last night, the helicopter attempted to take off again. Then it went wrong. “There were start-up problems,” said Tichelaar. An attempt was made to correct the problem on the spot. “But unfortunately that’s not luck.”

The stranded Lifeliner attracts a lot of attention, according to the ANWB. The helicopter was therefore guarded last night. On Tuesday a new attempt is made to get the helicopter away.

According to the ANWB, trauma care in the Amsterdam region is not endangered. A spare trauma helicopter is always available. “It was deployed last night at Amsterdam. This guarantees trauma care. Unfortunately this can happen once ”, says Tichelaar.

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