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Transmart Full Day Sale: Jakarta Shoppers Hunt for Electronic Products and Electric Bicycles


Transmart Full Day Sale today, Tuesday (22/8/2023) ends. Products that are being hunted by consumers from the time Transmart outlets open until they close at 10:00 p.m. include electronic products to electric bicycles.

For example, at Transmart Cempaka Putih, according to the Electronic Division Manager, Irvan said, AC products are one of the mainstays today. However, the winner is still held by LED TV. Second position in the air conditioner, then third position in the washing machine. In total there are about 150 units that sold out.

“About 60 units of LED TV. About 35 units of AC,”

Apart from electronic products, what is also being targeted the most is electric bicycle products. Manager of Trans Hardware Cempaka Putih, Edi said, a total of around 19 units of electric bicycles have been sold today. The ones most sought after are the outputs of United Dresden and Pacific Sincros.

“United Dresden and Pacific Sincros 5.5 sell best electric bicycles. Pacific costs Rp. 5.24 million, normally Rp. 6.55 million. United is around Rp. 6 million from Rp. 7.5 million,” he said when met at the location. .

Meanwhile, ahead of the closing of the Transmart Full Day Sale, the young couple Simon and Cita also bought electronic products such as refrigerators and televisions

“Incidentally, we are filling in a new house, it’s still empty. I think the timing is perfect for the Transmart promo. Let’s see the news notification from detik.com if there is a flash sale today,” said Cita, when met at the location.

This promo event is even more interesting because both of them are Bank Mega Credit Card users, so there is an additional 20% discount on the transaction. As a result, the two of them brought two LED TVs, 70 and 60 inches, as well as a Sharp four-door refrigerator unit.

“If you add up the refrigerator and TV, what should have been Rp. 33 million is only Rp. 26 million,” said Simon.

From this shopping, both of them saved up to IDR 7 million. Cita herself admitted that she benefited from this title. In fact, according to him, compared to products sold in e-commerce, products in Transmart are somewhat cheaper.

“Incidentally, I often shop for daily needs at Transmart. With this discount, I’m happy. It helps us to find cheap but good quality and branded goods, yes, the brand is already known, the price is okay. Yes, that’s right,” he said.


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