Toyota Fortuner Price Comparison in Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, and the Philippines


Toyota Fortuner Legender is a variant sold in Thailand and has a more expensive price. Photo/IST

JAKARTAtoyota fortuner is one of the best-selling ladder frame SUVs in the world. In Indonesia, the Toyota Fortuner was first presented in 2005. After that, the SUV with seven passenger seats became a car that was very popular with the people of Indonesia.

Interesting PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) not only produce the Toyota Fortuner for domestic needs. They also export ladder frame SUVs bearing the Toyota logo to other countries.

The latest is the delivery of a Toyota Fortuner made in Indonesia to Australia. In total there will be 600 Toyota Fortuners in the kangaroo country this year. It is believed that the shipment will contribute foreign exchange for the country. Not to mention advancing the small and medium industries involved in contributing components to the production of the Toyota Fortuner.

The question is how much is the price of the Toyota Fortuner in Australia? Likewise with other countries that also market the same car.Also read: The Most Expensive Dirt Bike Made in Japan That Makes You Ready for Adventure

The following is a comparison of Toyota Fortuner prices in Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, and the Philippines:

1. Indonesia

In Indonesia, Toyota basically sells 3 types of Toyota Fortuner namely VRZ, G and GR Sport Type. Toyota also provides a type of four-wheel drive system for the Toyota Fortunet. Well, recently Toyota also added a new engine option, namely a more powerful 2.8 liter diesel engine. So in total there are 8 Toyota Fortuner models that you can choose as you wish. Here are the price details:

– 4×2 2.4 GM/T DSL IDR 524.1 million
– 4×2 2.4 G A/T DSL Rp541,7 juta
– 4×2 2.7 GR Sport A/T Rp563,5 juta
– 4×2 2.8 GR Sport A / T DSL Rp600.4 jute
– 4×2 2.4 GR Sport A/T DSL Rp586,9 juta
– 4×4 2.8 GR Sport A/T DSL GR SPORT Rp687 juta
– 4×2 2.8 VRZ A / T DSL Rp583.4 jute
– 4×2 2.4 VRZ A / T DSL Rp570 jute

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