“Tourism in Saudi Arabia Booms With Growing Employment Opportunities for Top Executives”

Riyadh: Until recently, Saudi Arabia was a country that did not receive much attention in the field of tourism. The main reason for this was that the many strict laws that existed in the country were a hindrance to entertainment. But with the appointment of Mohammed bin Salman as the crown prince, radical changes took place in the country.

The country is increasingly focusing on non-oil sectors, including tourism, to boost its economy. With this, the reports show that there has been a large increase in employment opportunities in the field of tourism in Saudi Arabia.

Currently, globally mature and developed tourism markets such as the US, Italy, France, Spain and Australia are major sourcing centers to meet the growing demand for CEO-level positions in the country. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is looking for the best talent from countries including India.

“The demand for emerging talent in the tourism sector is increasing in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia,” – reports Arabian Business, citing expert in the field Maleeha Jilani. Maleeha also says that the multiple mega projects underway and in the initial stages in Saudi Arabia such as the Neom Smart City project will increase employment opportunities in the fields of technology, tourism and urban development.

She adds that the growing demand for top executives in Saudi Arabia’s tourism sector will be fueled by foreign markets, particularly countries with more mature and developed economic development, tourism and cultural sectors.

A 2022 study shows that tourism in Saudi Arabia faces a shortage of skilled workers. 58 percent of those surveyed in Saudi Arabia and 46 percent in the UAE believe their country has a shortage of skilled workers.

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The study also shows that countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE, as part of their economic diversification strategies, are moving away from their traditional industries such as oil and gas and investing heavily in new sectors such as tourism, which is boosting demand in the sector.

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2023-05-29 13:02:25

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