Tourism Bus Accident Victims on Mojokerto Toll Road Referred to Five Hospitals

Ardiansyah Pariwisata Tourism Bus hit the concrete Variable Message Sign (VMS) pole until it overturned at KM 712 Mojokerto-Surabaya Toll Road on Monday (16/5/2022) at around 06.00 WIB.

The bus with plate number S 7322 UW is suspected of carrying 25 passengers from Dieng, Wonosobo, Central Java.

Senkom Toll Sumo (Surabaya – Mojokerto) said the victims had been referred to a number of hospitals. The injured were referred to Petrokimia Hospital, Citra Medika Hospital, and Emma Hospital. Meanwhile, the victims who died were referred to Mojokerto Regional Hospital and RA Basoeni Hospital.

Doctor Heni from Emma Hospital said there were four victims who were being treated at the Emergency Room. Here are the details:

1. Muhammad Noval Al Habib, 13 years old male, resident of Benowo, Surabaya. It is suspected that he suffered a broken left arm.
2. Mujiana, 54 years old woman, resident of Benowo, Surabaya. His condition is conscious but cannot be communicated with, it is suspected that he has a broken bone in his thigh.
3. Nur Ali, male aged 57 to 59 years, resident of Benowo, Surabaya. His condition is unconscious. According to Noval, Mujiana and Nur Ali are husband and wife.
4. The boy is about 6 years old, wearing a black t-shirt and black and white sports pants. He was injured and unconscious. According to Noval, this child’s mother is named Evi.

“We will refer the child victim who is unconscious to Dr. Wahidin Sudiro Husodo, Mojokerto City,” said doctor Heni.

Meanwhile, doctor Luki from Citra Medika Hospital, Mojokerto, said that nine people were injured and one died who was brought to his place.

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The nine people being treated were Suudi, Bayu, Jefri, Nani, Yatik, Sujono, Adrian, Adi Firmansyah, and Saqila (4 years old).

“One person who died has not been identified. Most of the injured victims suffered from broken bones in their hands and feet,” said doctor Luki.

Then another victim, Fabio Indrawan, was treated in the emergency room at Mojokerto General Hospital. His condition is minor injuries and in a conscious state.(iss)

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