Tough Votes and Political Fragmentation: The Challenge of Municipal Council Leadership

After six very tough votes within several sessions, Pazardzhik finally got a chairman of the municipal council – Nayden Shopov from GERB. The city near Maritsa, Sofia, Varna and Blagoevgrad were the regional centers where PP-DB won the mayor’s post in the local elections.

Tania Kolakova-Yaneva from PP-DB was also a competitor for the chair. She received 12 votes, and Shopov – 23. From this vote, it appears that the majority in the council will be in favor of GERB. But heavy earlier wrangling showed that things were far from clear cut. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether there will be a meeting between PP-DB and GERB, or whether the council will counter the mayor Petar Kulenski. The organ is extremely fragmented, which opens up possibilities for the so-called floating majorities, but also for deadlock. PP-DB and GERB have four councilors each, and the largest group with ten is the group of “Novot vreme”, whose patron is the old mayor Todor Popov. There are 15 formations in total.

Again, with great fragmentation, the situation in the other cities is: Blagoevgrad – the council was once again headed by Radoslav Taskov (VMRO), a partner of GERB in all its mandates so far, elected without a counter-candidacy of PP-DB; Varna – Hristo Dimitrov from “Citizens’ Alternative”, in partnership with PP-DB; in Sofia, things are still unclear.

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2023-12-01 01:56:39

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