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Topalov arranged squats with his son on his neck

The singer conducted a home workout with weighting in the form of a one-year-old heir.

Vlad Topalov does not waste time in vain: he trains and strengthens family ties. Photo: Global Look Press

TV presenter Regina Todorenko posted on Instagram a video with the morning training of her husband, singer Vlad Topalov. The 34-year-old artist performed squats, and used the one-year-old son Misha, who was sitting on his shoulders, as a weighting agent.

The kid liked this exercise. In the video, he smiles heartily while his star father is struggling to cope with the load.

“In such a difficult time, it became possible to be in the family. Perhaps this is the only plus. Apparently, the planet decided to unite us, rally, create such conditions so that we all deal with our family tasks, ”Regina wrote under the video.

An example of Topalov was contracted by showman Timur Rodriguez. In the comments below the video, he stated that he was also eager to try this exercise.

“Only I have two. One – 7, the other – 11. I’m afraid I won’t be able to come to the shooting myself! ” – wrote a singer who recently composed a great song about home quarantine.

Todorenko, by the way, also noted that during this difficult period, she goes to work almost every day and is afraid to bring a dangerous infection home.

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