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Top woman from Sony’s God of War game studio to lead new Google studio – Gaming – News

Cloud native gaming must make powerful things possible, things that make your PS5 or ultra high end gaming PC fade

How? Srsly, how?

In terms of rendering you also stay limited with Stadia to 1 or 2 GPUs, otherwise it does not really scale, and since Stadia uses a modified Vega 56, you will not get anything out of it even with 2 cards.

In terms of CPU power then? Current AAA games have started to use more CPU power, but that is not really the bottleneck.

In terms of RAM? I would like to see that substantiated, because 16GB is becoming a bit standard for the better gaming PC, and you can still run any game perfectly with 8GB RAM.

I really don’t see a need for game development anywhere that is solved by ‘cloud gaming’. Within gaming, I don’t really see what a server park would be better at than a normal console or gaming PC.

It is of course possible that there is a big unknown, and that it is a case of ‘the application for this is becoming so new that you cannot imagine it yet’, but that is no argument for saying that cloud gaming is going to be great: you because things like that cannot predict.

So I don’t see what kind of “new games” the USP will become for cloud gaming. I just keep seeing cloud gaming as a remote gaming console. And it doesn’t have to be more for me: that in itself is pretty cool, so I don’t see why there is a hype about ‘the power of native cloud gaming that makes beautiful things possible that make the PS5 fade’.

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