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Top Ironing Tips for February 24th: Expert Analysis and Predictions for Nail and Spike Matches

Published: February 23, 2024 09:08

The ironing tip February 24th

Last week it finally ended in that all the finger pointing and thoughts in the column were correct, and that “Adams SEK 78” got 13 right as a result of this, with SEK 256,000 in total payout. Great fun and thus a little extra pep for the upcoming round!

So it turned out exactly right last week when Arsenal in particular was highlighted as the obvious nail, while I pointed the finger of warning at City & Tottenham, when one of the big three would be nailed. Spike two at Nottingham was absolutely perfect and the draw with Blackburn did not disappoint.

This week the coupon is clearly favourite-heavy. With five teams down to 1.50 in odds and several in addition under 2.0, it can certainly be a row with meager payouts. One or two of these 1.50 odds feel pretty shaky to me personally, though, so my hopes remain solid, in terms of sensible payouts!

For nail one, I turn in the same direction as last time. Namely against Arsenal. The whole world watched when the Gunners lost against Porto during the week and I think that will even affect how the lines are drawn here. I think, on the contrary, it is the perfect time to pick Arsenal against a very away weight Newcastle.

Recommendation for spike two lands right now at Sunderland. Fans of the “Black Cats” have been chasing their management for months over how the switch between Mowbray and Beale was handled.

That saga came to an end the other day when the red and whites sent their second manager of the season into unemployment, comically enough after he lost to just Mowbray and Birmingham. I think the Stadium of Light can cheer immediately, when poor Swansea visit.

The big job must be done in match 9. I’ve had enough of Middlesbrough at these odds and percentages a long time ago. It is impossible to find a red line in Boro’s game and performances and they seem to make total cucumbers for performances too often when they should win by more balls according to the odds. Plymouth is coming!

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Please note that these early thoughts are well analyzed, but may change before the start of the match as new information emerges and when odds and lines change.

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Here we go!

The nails

⚽️ Arsenal

Arsenal traveled to Portugal on Wednesday to show their dominance against Porto, but instead had their pants pulled down at the Stadio do Dragao. I hope and believe it can influence people when the lines are drawn on Saturday and that we are invited to Arsenal at a good percentage.

Regardless, I think Arsenal is a solid nail to lean on. You really have to win the game to keep the gold chase alive and Newcastle have continued to be downright bad almost every game in recent months. Most recently, again a really flat performance against Bournemouth, in a match you should just be happy that you got a point in the end.

Arsenal are better than Newcastle in just about everything, which the odds of course also suggest. But right here I believe in an extra fired up Gunners and a perfect situation when the lines may not go completely bananas on the home team.

⚽️ Sunderland

The old big club Sunderland is definitely on the way back overall after many years in total misery. It must not be forgotten that the red and whites have been a long way down in the series system and then turned the tide in the Premier League.

This year, however, many had hoped that last year’s fine season would be built on, but that may not have turned out to be the case. The management made a strange decision with Mowbray who was fired despite very good underlying numbers and they have now had to pay for it. There are still chances to qualify, but then the 3-points have to start rolling in.

Swansea at home can be considered one of the better situations for just one victory. The Swans are going incredibly hard this year and apart from a surprising victory against Hull a couple of weeks ago, they have lost games outright. Several times with a lot of balls as well.

Excellent position here for some positive winds at the Black Cats with a new coach and home field against one of the league’s weakest teams.

Bubblare: Brighton, Crystal Palace

The shell

⚽️ Plymouth

Picking off Middlesbrough might be a bit spicy, but here the right side has to be included at all costs in my book. Middlesbrough have been champions this year, at bowing down when the favoritism is at its heaviest. It is of course difficult knowing that Boro’s highest level is really high, but at the same time, the lowest level seems to be just as low.

Plymouth haven’t made anyone happy towards the end but still have two really good performances in terms of play against very good teams, like Coventry & Leeds recently.

Boro’s win against Leicester last time out in all glory, but it was very, very lucky to say the least. In addition, they have played against teams such as Preston, Bristol and an incredibly out-of-form Sunderland in recent weeks.

Plymouth are not a super team and especially not away from home, but if I know “my Boro”, this is the type of game where Carrick’s men have tended to lose themselves in recent years.

Bubblers: Stoke, Rotherham

Big luck to everyone. Here we go!

/ Adam

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