Top Green Vitamin C Products from Ariul for Radiant and Youthful Skin – Vitamin C is one of the ingredients in skincare which can help your face look brighter, smoother and more youthful.

However, not all skin is suitable for using strong vitamin C, such as sensitive skin, because irritation and allergies can occur.

However, friends who have sensitive skin can try the Green Vitamin C product range from Ariul because the ingredients are gentle.

Kakadu plum plays a role in making the face more radiant, disguises black spots, and fights free radicals that trigger premature aging, so the skin becomes more supple and smooth.

The following are recommendations for Ariul Green Vitamin C products that are present in Indonesia:

Airul Green Vitamin C Airul

Ariul Green Vitamin C Ampoule

Green Vitamin C Ampoule is a highly concentrated ampoule that contains Quali-C pure Vit. C (14%), Licorice and Glutathione.

These various ingredients help brighten and disguise black spots and maintain facial skin elasticity.

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There is also Centella Asiatica to soothe skin, especially sensitive skin, as well as Fullerene and 6 phytochemical antioxidants with ferulic acid as a high antioxidant to prevent premature aging.

Ariul Green Vitamin C Ampoule is available in 15ml size at a price of IDR 199 thousand.

Green Vitamin C Balancing Toner

This Green Vitamin C Balancing Toner is toner with a pH of 5.5, it has a liquid texture that is able to absorb into the deepest skin quickly.

This toner contains vitamin C from Kakadu Plum to brighten and improve skin tone to make it more even, as well as Centella Asiatica which plays a role in exfoliating and brightening the face.

Not only that, this toner also contains AHA, BHA and PHA to remove dead skin cells to make skin more supple, clean and smooth.

Kawan Puan can buy this Green Vitamin C Balancing Toner for IDR 209 thousand with a size of 150 ml.

Interestingly, this latest product from Ariul has been tested for clinical irritation and has an EWG Green formula, without 20 dangerous ingredients, artificial dyes or fragrances so it is good for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Friends, you can buy various Green Vitamin C products from Ariul at Sociolla online nor offline.

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