Top 15 best tweets about Daft Punk breakup, hello shit year

It’s official, the Daft Punk are going their separate ways and a whole world is falling apart. The fans cry out all the tears of their bodies and the twittosphere is even more in turmoil than for the fire of Notre-Dame (hello egoism). Fortunately, there are a few jokers here to cheer us up after this heartbreaking video. Long live the Republic electro and long live France.

1. It would be even worse !!

2. Who is hot to buy crack?

3. Remember Notre-Dame

4. Too anxious to listen to this * _ *

5. The infernal couple

6. Oh wow too good news!

7. If so, PNL and Daft Punk are the same people

8. All but not that

9. We are saved

10. Better that than at Disneyland frankly

11. They were so beautiful: ‘(

12. Finally some good news!

13. Frankly best French duo

14. Sad day for these students forced to applaud


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