Tonino Cripezzi, voice and keyboards of the Chameleons, died. Illness in the hotel after a concert in Pescara

Antonio Cripezzisinger and keyboardist of Chameleons, was found dead in a hotel room in San Giovanni Teatino (Chieti). The death, according to initial information, would be due to natural causes: an illness, in the night, would have left him no way out.

On the spot, when the alarm was raised, rescue workers and carabinieri intervened. Cripezzi, 76, had already had health problems in the past. Last night he had performed with the Chameleons at the Villa de Riseis park in Pescara. After the performance he had dined with the staff and some fans, then he went back to the hotel with the rest of the group.

Among the messages of condolence from colleagues Mario Lavezzi – former member and founder of the band – was among the first to write: “My dear friend of a lifetime tonino cripezzi is gone in his sleep. I can not believe it – he writes on instagram – I am shocked by the pain. good moments lived together that I will always keep in my depth, dear friend “.

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The Chameleons in an archive photo

The Chameleons in an archive photo

Cripezzi, originally from Milan, has been the pianist of the historic band since its foundation in 1963. During their very long career, the Chameleons they have sold over 20 million records with the addition of four Gold Records.

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