Tom Cruise jumps into the void on a motorcycle: a stunt at 2.2 million euros, his last?

For the past few weeks, the people of Oxfordshire have been wondering what the use of the 200m long track, which climbs to several tens of meters in height, in the middle of the countryside. The answer was brought to them by Tom Cruise himself. Riding a motorcycle, he threw himself into it at full speed then jumped into the void, taking off with his arms alongside his body, while his machine discovered the dangerousness of the earth’s attraction.

The sequence only lasts about fifteen seconds. But alone cost € 2.2million, making it one of the most expensive stunt scenes ever filmed in the UK. It must be said that it is filmed closely by a drone, while the star and the BMX are protected by cables which mean that at the end of the shooting, they remain limply suspended in the middle of the set.

According to someone close to Tom Cruise, this could be his last stunt. At 58, he would have decided not to run this type of risk from the age of 60. Which gives him time to finish Mission : Impossible 7. It must be said that with his accident on this shoot, insurance should no longer be very keen on the idea of ​​covering his risk taking.

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