Toddlers Can Also Get Diabetes, Beware of Serious Impacts

FAJAR.CO.ID — Diabetes is a health problem characterized by high levels of sugar in the blood.

The disease, also known as ‘diabetes’, develops when the pancreas that produces the hormone insulin doesn’t work properly, or when the body doesn’t use insulin properly.

Diabetes is a fairly common disease that can be experienced by anyone, including children.

Although rare, babies under the age of 5 years (toddlers) can also get diabetes. It can even cause serious repercussions.

Therefore, parents need to be aware of this disease by recognizing the characteristics of diabetes in toddlers here.

Frequent Urination

When blood sugar levels are high, the kidneys try to maintain a balance by excreting excess sugar through the urine. As a result, toddlers with diabetes will often urinate. So, if the mother finds the number of wet diapers increasing, be careful, it can be a sign of diabetes in toddlers.

Weight Loss For No Reason

Toddlers with diabetes can also experience weight loss, even though they eat enough or even more.

Extreme Fatigue

Because the body’s cells do not get an adequate supply of sugar for energy, toddlers with diabetes can experience extreme fatigue. Lethargy, sleepiness, and often sleeping for a long time can be a sign of diabetes in toddlers.

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