To Lombok, Anies Visits the Yatofa Bodak Islamic Boarding School


NasDem Party presidential candidate Anies Baswedanpaid a visit to West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) today. Anies visited the Atthohiriyah Alfadiliyah Islamic Boarding School (Ponpes) or often called Yatofa in Bodak Village, Praya District, Central Lombok.

Reported detikBali, when he arrived at the Yatofa Islamic Boarding School, Monday (30/1/2023), Anies was greeted by shouts of ‘president’ by the masses of the congregation. Then, Anies also listened to Padli Fadil Thohir’s TGH recitation at the Islamic boarding school’s yard.

“In accordance with TGH Padli Fadil’s statement that all of Yatofa’s extended family here welcomes them with a prayer of love,” Anies told reporters.

Anies said he was touched by the contents of the message conveyed by the leadership of the Yatofa Islamic Boarding School. Where the contents of the message ask all people to love one another.

“Let’s love each other. And I am really touched by the extraordinary response from the people here,” said Anies.

Anies said he was ready to fight in the 2024 presidential election. He said he wanted to bring good to the whole community.

“That this is an endeavor that I am doing and we are not doing it for some. This is for all. Not for the good of some,” said Anies.

Meanwhile, NasDem Deputy Secretary General Hermawi Taslim said the visit Anies Baswedan in NTB it will be held for 3 days, on January 30-31 2023. He said Anies would be in touch with the people of NTB.

“Today and tomorrow, Anies and NasDem greet the people of NTB in Lombok, Bima and Sumbawa,” said Hermawi when contacted separately.

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“He will meet many religious groups, indigenous people, NasDem cadres, volunteers and Democratic Party and PKS officials throughout NTB,” he continued.

Anies’ visit to NTB was accompanied by the Deputy Head of National Democracy Ahmad Ali, Deputy Head of Media and Public Communication of the NasDem DPP Charles Meikyansyah, and Head of the NasDem DPP Willy Aditya.

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