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To lift the unjust sanctions imposed by the EU on Syria – 2024-02-23 16:14:20

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Mr. Rumen Radev – President of the Republic of Bulgaria
Mr. Galab Donev – Official Minister Chairman
Mr. Nikolay Minkov – Official Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Tsvetan Kyulanov – Head of the EU Representation in Bulgaria

Dear Mr. Radev,

Dear Sirs,

We, the Bulgarian citizens, participants in the protest organized on 02/05/2022, together with the Union of Syrian Students in Bulgaria and the Compatriot Organization of Syrians in Bulgaria, strongly support their demands for the lifting of the unfair, unilateral, coercive economic sanctions imposed by the European Union over Syria.

These sanctions represent a gross violation of international law, humanitarian and moral laws and norms. Sanctions threaten international peace and stability, serve the interests of terrorist organizations in the region, hinder efforts to find a political solution to the crisis in Syria, hinder the restoration of what was destroyed by the terrorist war, as well as the return of citizens to their cities and villages.

Syria is not an aggressor country to be sanctioned, but a country victim of aggression by terrorist organizations and states. The suspension of sanctions and the normalization of the economic situation in Syria will lead to the rise of bilateral economic relations and an economic boom in certain sectors, both in Syria and in the EU. Migration pressure to the EU will be drastically reduced.

Due to a lack of fuel, the Syrian people are currently suffering from a harsh winter, as well as shortages of food, medicine and other products. The energy system is operating at insufficient capacity, which affects the entire industry. All factories and bakeries are operating at minimum capacity, and some are closed. The lack of raw materials caused huge shortages of medicines, milk and food for children, because most of the raw materials used in the production of medicines and vaccines were imported from the EU. This has led to a shortage of many medicines that are needed for children, the elderly and the terminally ill.

In many areas, children and adults are forced to live in complete darkness and cold in homes and on the streets of Syria. Many productions also stopped due to lack of spare parts needed to maintain the machines.

Syria has always prioritized its economic relations with Bulgaria and the EU. Many sites in Syria were built by Bulgarian and European companies. Many factories and power plants are owned by EU companies, such as the Banias refinery, the Aleppo cement factory and many others that are still operating. But they are experiencing enormous difficulties, due to the suspension of their modernization and lack of raw materials and spare parts.

European countries are most interested in the stability of the region, because it contributes to the stability of both Europe and the whole world. The European Union should make full efforts to preserve the unity of Syria, to speed up the resolution of the political crisis in the country and preserve its territorial integrity.

Dear Mr. Radev,

Dear Sirs,

In connection with the above, we propose that Bulgaria, as a full member of the EU, submit to the EC a proposal to cancel the sanctions imposed on Syria. To restore and develop economic relations between the EU and Syria and to stimulate European companies to participate in its reconstruction.

Yesterday, 02/06/2023, a devastating earthquake struck Turkey and Syria with thousands of human casualties. This brought an additional humanitarian disaster to the country. In this regard, in addition to the lifting of sanctions, the necessary humanitarian aid should also be provided.

With respect!



“Just Bulgaria” Association:

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Ivan Pavlov, tel. 0895533216

Association “DPZCS”:

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