Times Square in New York now has a ferris wheel

There is a Ferris wheel temporarily in Times Square. The attraction is intended to help bring the number of visitors back to the pre-Corona level.

the essentials in brief

  • A Ferris wheel will be in Times Square until September 12th.
  • It should attract even more visitors.

If you want to see New York’s Times Square from above, you can climb into the new Ferris wheel in the coming weeks. The more than 30 meter high structure will be in the center of Manhattan until September 12th. It offers visitors a view that has never been seen before.

The attraction at the intersection of Broadway and 7th Avenue, lined with advertising screens and skyscrapers, is set to attract even more visitors. Orphaned Times Square became a symbol of the New York crisis in the height of the pandemic.

Hundreds of thousands of people now visit the square again every day. According to the US media, the numbers are not yet back at the pre-Corona level.

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