Time is running out for an agreement: Boris Johnson talks this week with Von der Leyen about Brexit | Abroad

The time to reach an agreement is running out. If Britain and the EU fail to reach an agreement before January 1, 2021, Johnson wants to leave the EU without a deal. Earlier this year, the British Lager voted in favor of a controversial law that allows a no-deal Brexit.

However, the British House of Lords this month rejected the controversial law on the parts that go against international law. This mainly concerns agreements about Northern Ireland that London and the EU have laid down in the withdrawal treaty.

Johnson sees the law as a “safety net” and “insurance policy” to preserve the political and economic integrity of the United Kingdom in the absence of a trade deal with the EU. The British Prime Minister has acknowledged that the law violates international law. Many of his party members fear that he will endanger the international reputation of the United Kingdom.

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