Time is over! Close the legend of ‘Yai Sa’, the PPP park ordered to demolish the Cape Rim Khao Ao Nang.

Phi Phi National Park ordered the Krabi Municipality to remove Yai Sa art from the Cape Rim Khao Ao Nang after 2 years and expired the time required for permission from only 6 months.

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On January 14, 64, the reporter reported that After having people and tourists Pay attention to visit people and take pictures of “Yai Sa” artwork at Ao Nang Cape, Ao Nang subdistrict, Muang district, Krabi Province. The art of Thai artist Kamin Lerdchai Prasert has presented such work. In the past Thailand Biennale, Krabi 2018

Which is the character “Yai Sa” inside a large box placed in a cave on the edge of a cliff Cape Ao Nang area Later, there were many people traveling to take pictures. Some of them are written and left in garbage.

Inquiries Mr. Prayoon Phongphan, head of Nopparat Thara Beach National Park, Phi Phi Islands, Krabi Province said that the Yai Sa art pieces Has requested permission from the Department of National Parks, which has a period of about 6 months and the Krabi Municipality Received that it would be the one to demolish itself But it appears that it has not been dismantled until the famous news comes up They went to investigate and now have informed the Krabi Municipality. Into the demolition and lead outside the park Expected to be dismantled soon

For the work of Yai Sa is to convey “Yai Sa”, a young woman who loves She worships honesty by waiting. Her husband sailed to the sea, went on an adventure, went out to experience How long did you go out? Nobody knows. Go out and come back or not, nobody knows. All that I knew and tangled up was that Grandma San with the hope and the empty sea. Waiting from morning until evening, evening until evening, day after day. day after day The reflections from Kamin’s installation thus reflect a lot of things. Meet the sea Presenting a new perspective on old traces But having to come and visit during the evening the sunset is very beautiful.

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