TikTok launches Holiday Playbook for marketers

TikTok is an integral part of the marketing mix of many advertisers during this year’s holiday season. In the Holiday Playbook, the social app gives companies tips on how to get the most out of the holidays.

The holidays are approaching and many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly relying on social media marketing in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. A social network that should not be missing this year is TikTok. Because the short video app is like that more successful than ever before and is still seeing a significant increase in users. Now TikTok would like to help SMEs with their marketing planning for the holiday season and published the so-called Holiday Playbook. With the help of the guide, SMEs should better understand how advertising on TikTok works and how they can use the app effectively for themselves.

Setup, holiday templates and campaign ideas: TikTok gives comprehensive tips in the Holiday Playbook

The 40-page Holiday Playbook first shows advertisers the advantages of advertising on TikTok this year. Because the general trend that people will increasingly rely on online shopping in 2020 can also be found in the analyzes of the social app. A survey by TikTok found that 81 percent of buyers plan to buy mainly or entirely online by the end of the year.

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In addition to the specific benefits that the social app brings with it for this year’s holiday season for SMEs, TikTok explains both the basics of campaign planning and the setup of the app in the Holiday Playbook.

In the second half of the guide, TikTok discusses how SMEs can use the app’s templates for their campaigns. Initial ideas for a marketing strategy are also presented. The social network seems to want to be as advertiser-friendly as possible. In addition to clear checklists, appealing visuals can also be found in the Holiday Playbook.

Excerpt from TikTok’s Holiday Playbook, © TikTok

TikTok or Instagram: Which platform do advertisers choose for the holidays?

Due to Covid-19, social media marketing is of particular importance for many SMEs this year. They stay in contact with their customers via various social channels or promote their online shop. TikTok is particularly successful with a younger target group, so it is particularly useful to reach young potential customers. However, compared to Instagram, the Hype App does not yet have a mature system that simplifies e-commerce on the platform for users and companies. The advertiser platform TikTok for Business cannot keep up with that of Facebook either. With the shopping tag features as well as the Instagram and Facebook shops, Instagram is especially interesting for SMEs during the holiday season. Because many are actively running an online shop for the first time or relying on social commerce. Claudia Studtmann, Head of Retail at Facebook in the DACH region, explains in The Digital Bash Podcast:

Mit Facebook Shops [und Instagram Shops, Anm. d. Red.] customers can scroll through their feed, browse products and then easily buy. The whole thing works relatively easily and that is precisely what is important for small and medium-sized companies.

It remains to be seen which platform advertisers will mainly opt for this year and which is more effective. With the Holiday Playbook, however, TikTok has taken an important step to pick up advertisers before the holiday season and to simplify advertising on the platform.

You can read the entire Holiday Playbook here download.

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