Thunderstorms and plentiful rains in Fvg: terrible weather is coming

Bad weather arriving in the course of the location from 6 on Thursday 18 August to 18 on Friday 19. Major rains and scattered and regionally potent thunderstorms are expected on all 4 former provinces of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Exactly simply because of the doable hydrogeological criticalities arriving, the regional Civil Defense issued a two-working day yellow climate notify. Between the criticality scenarios, issues of the small hydrogeographic community and urban drainage are foreseen.

Latest situation:

On Thursday and Friday, an Atlantic hole, affiliated with southwestern soaked currents, will ascertain a basic increase in instability which will in all probability be more pronounced in the central several hours of Thursday and then on Friday until eventually the afternoon.


Thursday 18 August: Through the day there will be probable intermittent scattered showers and thunderstorms which can also be potent. The rains domestically may also be ample, especially in the western belt.

Friday 19 August: From night time to afternoon, intermittent scattered showers and thunderstorms will be most likely on all spots, which can also be powerful. The rains domestically may possibly also be plentiful.

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