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Throwing compliments in New York can be classified as harassment | Shows El Gordo y La Flaca

the theaters are going to be ablevaccinate, finally in autumnthe theaters are going to reopenmusicals that are so much neededIn this city.totally changing the subject,pay attention to all my peopleLatina, to all those dear onesHispanics and especially myboy from upper manhattan,be careful. it is recommendedbe very careful whento throw a compliment to whatpay attention, thatIt can cost you a lot of money.in the face of harassment accusationssexual facing andrewcuomo, in this city thingsif they are putting wings every timestrict, so much so thatmany of the traditionalcompliments are consideringas signs of sexual harassment.>> the case of governor cuomoit’s very interesting becauserepresents yet another example ofa patón that is comingdeveloping long agotime, zero tolerancewhat does the woman have in certainsexual harassment behavior.many men, not onlyHispanics, many men whothey come from different cultures,macho, they are going to think thatbehavior is permissible.we have to realize thatwhat we bring to this countrythey are probably toolsthat no longer serve or should not beuse. What about the governor?already represented a newtendency that there is zerotolerance.gelena: how are things going wellit is recommended to have a lotwatch out for behaviorscultural that can beclassified as sexual harassment.>> it’s unfortunate becausewe dominicanswe are accustomed tosocialize that way.>> for him, I fall in love with a womanwith two compliments. I have mycompliments saved.>> that they say is harassmentsexual but in truth it is not asomething from the other world so that thepeople take it so seriously.>> there are people who throwcompliments that are out ofplace.one feels like embarrassmentnothing.but god hey, is it a compliment toa bad word or what?>> a comment like that canbe interpreted as creatinga hostile environment againstthat person.there are criminal codes andcivilians who can punish thatconduct.gelena: despite all thisfor some women a complimentnice and decent is alwaysWell received.>> of course, that’s whyI always get pretty, II arrange for them to tell me thingspretty and there I sithappy. and any woman, whatnot going to like it?>> every woman wantssay something, she looks cute, herhair, that’s what they fix themselves for,for that they pay the saon.>> American culture has alreadycodified that behavior and hasdenied. is not acceptable. is veryimportant that as Hispanicslet’s understand that we have tomake the cultural transition tothe norms and behaviors ofthis country.lili: well, raulito, I thinkthat definitelyno é qé le paó a gelena.gelena: I’m here, I’m here!to my people that please thattake this seriously, soproblems are avoided and here willstart a massive campaignagainst sexual harassment intrains, buses and networks

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