Threema: A messenger that focuses on privacy

“Threema offers the highest level of security and comprehensive data protection when it comes to instant messaging,” according to a statement. In its current campaign, the Swiss messenger service emphasizes “why there is no way around it when it comes to privacy”. The chat app is designed in such a way that “no data trace is created”. Thanks to state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption, nobody but the intended recipient can read or overhear transmitted messages, not even Threema itself. A major advantage over competing apps is that “no personal data is required to use Threema”.

«Threema is more than a chat app. Threema is a statement for privacy,” says Martin Blatter, CEO and co-founder of the Swiss messenger service, in the statement: “Since 2012, we have been relentlessly committed to ensuring that our users can exchange information without worrying about their security and privacy to be.”

In fact, according to the announcement, “no other provider has a comparable level of confidentiality. In contrast to competitors such as WhatsApp or Signal, Threema can be used completely anonymously if desired, without revealing your own telephone number or email address.»

“The most expensive messenger in the world”: this is one of the headlines of the new campaign. Why is Threema so proud that users in the app store have to pay five francs for the app, while downloading other chat apps is usually free? “Our position is clear: users pay their messenger provider better with money than with data,” Roman Flepp, Head of Marketing at Threema, is quoted as saying: “With our DOOH campaign, we are underlining that Threema users enjoy full anonymity and data misuse is ruled out is.”

Responsible at Threema: Roman Flepp (Head of Marketing), Cyrille Massaux (Art Director); responsible for the concept: Dieter Boller (text, creative direction). (pd/tim)

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