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Three Russian Invaders Blown Up by Mine on Ukrainian Border: News Update

In the area of ​​the village of Novostroevka-Vtoraya, three invaders were immediately blown up by a mine during its installation on the border with the Kharkov region.

A pleasant incident for Ukraine occurred yesterday, January 30, in the Belgorod region near the border with Ukraine. All three occupiers served in the Russian Armed Forces or were border guards.

Today, January 31, Telegram channel Astra reported the news, citing his sources.

So far, for reasons unknown to all, the anti-personnel mine detonated during its installation. Servicemen from military unit 53359 Roman Zvonov and Nikolai Nikolaev, as well as border guard Vitaly Bondar, received shrapnel wounds.

Everyone is in the hospital. The border guard and Nikolaev had their toes amputated, and the occupant Zvonov escaped with only shrapnel wounds.

No civilians were allegedly harmed.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has not yet commented on this emergency.

We previously reported that on the night of January 31, the territory of St. Petersburg was attacked by another drone that exploded at the Nevsky Mazut plant in the center of the city.

Let us remind you that on January 30, power plants exploded in Moscow and the region, leaving part of the region in darkness.

Author: Dmitry Myronenko

2024-01-31 07:55:10

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