Three positive and three negative points of the three Argentine NBA

Facundo Campazzo, Gabriel Deck and Leandro Bolmaro debuted yesterday in the 2021/22 NBA preseason and left excellent sensations in different aspects on both sides of the playing ring.

But, as in any preparation, especially noting that it was the first game of the campaign, there were also things to improve, both in attack and defense. In this paraphernalia, three positive and three negative points were highlighted for each of them.

Gabriel Deck was the one who first jumped onto the court of the three, only in the third quarter. The Argentine showed his strengths on the offensive side, where he simplified the matter, attacked the rim after breaks in the front row, generated from the low post for the rest and constantly captured offensive rebounds.

Four points, five rebounds, one assist and no losses in 17:46 reflect this, being the Thunder’s second player with the best +/- on the night (6), behind Mike Muscala (7).

On the other hand, and despite the fact that his defensive rating (points allowed per 100 possessions) finished as the second lowest of the squad with 92.3, it cost him in the frontal attacks of the rival interiors, he added two fouls that could have been avoided and could not try three.

Leandro Bolmaro entered the field of play with nine minutes left in the match and also combined good with bad deeds. The main thing was his ability to generate and command in attack. He added only one assist (and in what way!), But he gave many potential passes and favored the continuity of the ball.

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In addition, he was confident in the breaks and with a lot of verbal activity in defense, constantly communicating with his teammates and ordering the rest as in offense, being a true leader among the Minnesota reserve.

His shot continues to be the main factor for improvement and last night it was one of his negative points, missing his two attempts of three. In turn, the brand must still establish itself, supporting the contacts and preventing his rivals from taking comfortable shots, since when he was on the court he allowed five points in second chances and ten in the paint, and he has to optimize his spikes (less is plus).

Campazzo, on the other hand, quickly entered for the Nuggets as a replacement point guard. Offensively he excelled in the generation (two assists and endless potential passes) and put pressure on the carrier as usual without causing fouls and fabricated fouls by attacking the rim, scoring the subsequent two free hits.

But he could not punish on the triples after reception or after dribbling (0/5 against the Clippers), he attacked the rim with the loss of pass and failed to convert, and he can still take a step forward in that sector of the court.

It was the first warm-up game of the season and mistakes often hit the sea coast. The lack of rhythm, the little friction against rivals in the summer and fatigue favor and widen the margin for mistakes.

This is what this stage is for and gradually each basketball player seeks to strengthen every aspect of his game. There is still a long way to go and Campazzo, Deck and Bolmaro have everything to make an impact and succeed. To compete and enjoy.

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