Three people arrested for producing liquor in Kuwait

Kuwait: Three expatriates were arrested in Kuwait for manufacturing alcohol on a large scale. The incident took place in Wafra of Ahmadi Governorate. The liquor manufacturing center was found in a raid conducted by the security directorate of Ahmadi under the Ministry of Home Affairs.


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Apart from 146 barrels and two distillation tanks, which were used to store materials for the manufacture of alcohol, 270 bottles of liquor, which had been completed and prepared for sale, were seized from here. In this connection, the three arrested persons along with the seized goods have been handed over to the relevant departments for further legal action. Apart from this, the pictures of the brewery have been released by the Ministry of Interior of Bahrain through its official social media accounts.

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Massive drug hunt in Kuwait

One and a half million dinars worth of drugs seized in Kuwait in massive drug bust. Seizures of such a large amount of drugs are rare in the country. Four people have been arrested in the incident. One and a half crore tablets and 50 kg of drug raw materials were seized. It is suggested that those arrested are members of an international drug gang. The raid on the drug storage center was conducted under the supervision of First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Talal Khalid Al Ahmed Assabahi.

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