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Three bidders will compete to modernize the Huancayo – Huancavelica Railway

Those prequalified for the railway project known as ‘Tren Macho’ are the Consorcio Ferrocarril HH (Sociedad Anónima de Obras y Servicios, COPASA Sucursal del Perú and Ferrocarril Wanka SAC), Consorcio Concesionaria Ferroviaria del Centro (Construccion y Administracion SA and Hidalgo e Hidalgo SA ) and the company Mota-Engil Perú SA, by meeting the technical experience in construction and operation of railway projects and financial solvency required in the bases.

Three bidders prequalified to present their technical and economic proposals to the international public tender that will allow the financing, construction, acquisition of rolling stock, operation and maintenance of the Huancayo – Huancavelica Railway (FHH), reported the Private Investment Promotion Agency (PROINVERSIÓN) .

The work will provide a safe, efficient and reliable transportation service for the benefit of 1.2 million inhabitants of Junín and Huancavelica. That is, it will become an engine of socioeconomic development because it will boost the tourism and agricultural potential in both regions and facilitate the population’s access to health, education, labor and commercial centers.

The project will be concessioned for 30 years (5 years for design and construction, 25 for operation and maintenance) and includes the improvement of the existing railway superstructure, raising the maximum speed capacity to 96 kilometers per hour for passenger transport and 64 kilometers per hour for passengers and freight.

It also includes the reconditioning of the seven (7) stations and 20 stops, and will have seven (7) daily circulations: six (6) daily circulations in each direction exclusively for passengers and one daily circulation in each direction, mixed transport of passengers and goods.

And thus, also, the installation of new rails on the main track, the replacement of the existing wooden sleepers with concrete ones, actions in the drainage system (longitudinal and transversal) along the entire line, renewal of the 15 railway bridges, remodeling of yards and construction of the new repair and maintenance workshop, among other interventions.

To guarantee that the current social rates are maintained, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (granting sector of the project) will be in charge of setting these, allowing more users to benefit from modern transportation.

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