This week, the Epic Games Store announces a triple ration with free games and two more prizes

PC Video Game invites us to download other releases such as Hood: Outlaws & Legends.

Epic Games Store users can add up to a few minutes to their libraries Three video games without paying a single euro. In this case, the business is obligated to offer a variety of gifts, but maybe we can keep the name Hood: Illegal and mythical.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends gathers a group of outlaws and asks soldiers to try to steal treasures from the oppressive government in the dark, violent medieval world. This is the character’s suggestion Cooperative Multiplayer and PvP Signed by Sumo Digital during the issue of Focus Entertainment, it hit stores in the middle of last year without finding much positive reviews from users.

This gift week in the Epic Games Store will help you get another chance among the general public. Otherwise, the store also offers the opportunity to play a game Iradus: Lord of the DeadA tactical dungeon crawler role-playing game, or a set in a dark fantasy universe Geneforge 1 – Mutagen“An indie cult tradition that offers full freedom in a unique world.”

All three video games will be on the front of the store until July 7. After this time, as usual in the bazaar, come two other prizes: the ancient enemy, a short war RPG set in a world where the evil forces have already conquered ruins, and Killingfloor2A fast sniper who is able to entertain us for many hours in a group.

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