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This was the most listened to on Apple Music in 2023

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The time has come to discover which were the artists, songs and albums that we listened to endlessly on Apple Music in 2023. Here we tell you how you can see that data and more.

It seems incredible, but we are just a few weeks away from the end of 2023, which we will definitely remember for all the incredible music that was released throughout all these months. Many are already recounting the best of the year and are very clear about what they listened to the most. But if they don’t really know, Apple Music will do that job for you.

As it is becoming a tradition and since it appeared on the market, the music platform of ‘la manzanita bitten’ It has been doing the famous Replay for a long time, the count of everything its users listen to throughout the year. And of course, once again they have all those data for us that seem unnecessary, but that any music lover is interested in knowing or showing off (don’t do it).

Do you have Apple Music? Here we tell you how to check what you heard the most in 2022

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Here we tell you how to check your Apple Music Replay 2023

Apple Music Replay 2023 gives subscribers access to data on their most-played songs and a personalized overview of their in-app activity. There you can check out the songs, albums, artists and genres that were released the most throughout the year.. But that’s not all, since Super fans can also find out if they are among the top 100 listeners of their favorite artist or genre.

To finish off, the platform puts together a personal playlist of the 100 best songs from each year that you have rated with Replay’s annual playlists. Best of all, this retelling is available all year round so music lovers can continue listening, exploring and sharing even though it’s already 2024.

Photo: Courtesy Apple

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This is what the Apple Music Replay 2023 looks like/Photo: Courtesy Apple

And maybe at this point you are wondering How can you check all this information?. Well, the thing is very simple. The first thing you should do is Enter the Apple Music application and in the Explore section, you will find the part that says Replay 2022. There, you will have to click on it and it will take you to a website (if it does not appear, you can go to the next page).

What follows is simply waiting for the application to do its job, show you your results and that’s it. There you can find your top songs, artists and albums most listened to throughout the year.. Additional, It also includes the playlists and stations you played. So as you will see, it has very specific and interesting data.

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These are some of the data they show you in your count in Apple Music/Photo: Screenshot

Taylor Swift already has regional Mexican music among the most listened to on Apple Music this 2023

Replay will only make a personal count of what each user played on Apple Music. However, The platform also released very curious data about what was heard the most in its catalog during much of 2023 And believe it or not, there are some who left us with a square eye.

Obviously, Taylor Swift was the most listened to artist in 2023. In the first 10 months of 2023, 65 of his songs entered Apple Music’s Global Top 100. Just there…

To give you an idea, the music of our country grew by leaps and bounds within the app, Well, they mention that before this year, no Mexican regional song had managed to enter the global list of year-end songs. But this time There are four songs in the Daily Global Top 100, which are the following:

  • “She dances alone” – Armed Link and Featherweight (18th)
  • “Un x100to” – Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny (70th)
  • “PRC” – Featherweight and Natanael Cano (88th)
  • “Baby give me” – Fuerza Regida and Grupo Frontera (99th)
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However, in addition to regional Mexican music, there were other genres that also grew exponentially on Apple Music during 2023. Among them are country, j-pop, R&B and even afrobeat, because with artists like Morgan Wallen, YOASOBI, SZA and Rema respectively, these sounds managed to break it in a big way on the platform.

The most shazamed songs and artists in our country

Last but not least, the music service revealed data on Shazam searches in Mexico. The most Shazamed songs were “Baby Give Me” of Force Regida and Grupo Frontera, “She dances Alone” of Armed Link and Featherweight, “May you come back” by Carin León with the same from Frontera and “Lady Gaga”, from Double P with Junior H and Gabito Ballesteros.

To finish off, Grupo Frontera is the artist with the most appearances in Shazam’s Top 25, followed by none other than Peso Pluma. How are you? Were all these Apple Music results expected in 2023? If something is very clear to us, it is that we did not lack cool songs and albums to musicalize everything that happened to us this year, don’t you think?

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