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It is already summer, time to enjoy and disconnect from the daily routine. This year the crisis due to covid-19 and the security measures that we will have until the virus is solved, have changed our vacation plans. With the uncertainty of traveling and the fear of contagion, this is a good opportunity to visit and discover the corners of A Coruña that you have not yet discovered. This summer enjoy the province of A Coruña.

In the province of A Coruña there are many plans and places to occupy the vacation time, without forgetting the beaches.

Without forgetting that summer is synonymous with sun and heat and the beaches will not fail us. You can choose a large open sea sand, or a small cove or if you want to get away from the city, enjoy the beaches of Riazor and Orzán.

This summer enjoy the province of A Coruña

Carnota beach

Remember to maintain social distance also on the beach, so you propose beaches like Carnota, one of the largest in Galicia with its 7 kilometers of sand. Other ideal beaches for this very different summer are Traba in Carballo, A Foruxeira in Laxe, some beaches in Ribeira or Barraña in Boiro. They will not disappoint you to spend an idyllic beach day without incident.

There are many coves on the coast that also offer us the privacy we need this summer, such as La Rosella, in Valdoviño, or Castrillón in Laxe and O Dique in Porto do Son.

Discover the best beaches in A Coruña, HERE.

The great gastronomic offer in summer.

Enjoying a good meal in A Coruña is always a good plan. The gastronomic offer is immense. For example, if you are in La Barbanza, stop at A Pobra, and enjoy sea products with views of the Arousa estuary.

Galician seafood

In Santiago de Compostela there are also many charming places, and on the banks of the Tambre river, there are also impressive bars such as those in the municipality of Negreira. In the province of A Coruña we also have Michelin Star restaurants that you can visit this summer.

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To stay, from campsites to lighthouses.

Location, price, amenities and extras… in the province of A Coruña there are options for all tastes. Camping area, place for caravans and motorhomes, a rural house, or a unique enclave such as a lighthouse or a boutique hotel.

Adventure, culture and leisure alternatives.

Good weather is perfect for getting lost in nature, so hiking enthusiasts find plenty of options in A Coruña. There is no council where there are not perfectly marked paths.

This summer enjoy the province of A Coruña

Teixidelo beach

There are incredible places to enjoy this summer in the province of A Coruña such as Teixidelo beach, the only one in the world with non-volcanic black sand or the Moeche copper mine. You can also discover historical sites such as the medieval bridge over the Tambre river that divides the Negreira and Ames councils in A Ponte Maceira –town that has just been named as one of the most beautiful in Spain-. The most adventurous have a must, the Naturmaz park in Mazaricos, with the largest zip line in Galicia, 330 meters.

Don’t forget to get to know every corner of Santiago de Compostela and A Coruña. From the Compostela Cathedral to the Tower of Hercules. Its parks, castles and museums.

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