This stock is the cause of the decline of JCI, almost 1%

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) has been observed to have slumped at the start of the trading session on Monday (6/12/2022).

As of 09:53 WIB, the JCI weakened 0.71% to 6,937.75. Indeed, the JCI was down 0.91% as of 0930 WIB.

Several stocks became index weights in the first trading session of the day. The largest IHSG ballast stocks were PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (TLKM) shares, which also weighed on the index by up to 17,923 index points.

While in second place are the shares of PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (GOTO) which weighed on the index by 15,824 index points.

From the movement of its shares, TLKM fell by 3.91% to a position of IDR 3,690/unit, while GOTO shares fell by 6.5% to IDR 115/unit and touched its limit. automatic rejection (ARB) since the opening of trading today.


Disclaimer: This news item is not intended to encourage readers to buy or sell related stocks. The investment decision is entirely up to you and CNBC Indonesia is not responsible for any losses or profits resulting from this decision.

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