this is why we cannot lose weight even if we are very careful

Here are some simple and useful tips on how to lose weight quickly and easily

Have you ever gained weight despite being on a balanced diet? Well in today’s article we will talk about just that. With the arrival of the summer season, many are going on a diet, looking for advice both on the internet and in doctors’ offices. But has it ever happened to you that despite your efforts you are unable to obtain the desired result? Well here are eight tips on why we sometimes don’t lose pounds.

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Why can’t you lose weight despite the diet?

A study has shown that there are eight reasons why you cannot lose weight despite the commitments and sacrifices. To prove it is just a scientist Sandra Aamodt.

The doctor, after a careful study, has realized that the real reason why sometimes you do not lose weight is due to our brain and our mental state. But let’s see in detail what we are talking about.

Some reasons why we don’t lose weight when we are on a diet

The first reason why we often do not lose weight is due to the fact that when we are on a diet our brain tends to get distracted more and consequently to fall into temptation. Furthermore, it must be said that when you are on a diet you are always stressed. And maybe not everyone knows it, but stress makes us fat.

Another reason why we gain weight despite the diet is our brain or rather the hormone called leptin. The latter communicates to the brain how much energy there is in our body. And when energy is sufficient this hormone reduces hunger.

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When energy is sufficient, this same hormone reduces hunger. But during the diet the level of this hormone decreases and every food that we find ourselves becomes much more attractive than usual.

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Plus, metabolism isn’t on our side either. In fact, it tends to work differently when there are changes in our eating style. In some cases, it is the diets themselves that are wrong. But speaking of diets

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